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Maggikal Brave Missiles At Kinnah’s Birthday Bash

The Highfields born artist Maggikal had a night to forget at Stodart Netball Complex last weekend after missiles were thrown at him while he was in the middle of his performance.

After recording a song titled Vapfanha Mandinyanyira last year, Seh Calaz who is believed to be the master of diss music replied with a song titled Disconnect leading to a lyrical war.

As the war ensued, Maggikal’s name in Zimdancehall grew but it seems he is no-longer a welcome visitor in Mbare which is Calaz home ground.

While the beef seemed to have died, Maggikal returned to Mbare for the Kinnah birthday bash at the Netball Complex with local Zimdancehall fans throwing missiles at him though he continued to perform.

In an interview after his perfomance, Maggikal said he had changed as he is now committing his energy to growing the genre that has transformed Zimbabwe’s music industry.

“I believe this is my year so, I am working hard for me reach my target, I want to thank all the fans who came here and support my friend Kinnah.

“For the past few years Zimdancehall has been the major sound in Zimbabwe, inspiring a lot of attention from young people especially in ghettos to starts singing, so I  believe I have a role to play in growing Zimdancehall,” said Maggikal

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