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Moira Knight Rips Into Seh Calaz  


UK-based musician Moira Knight has come out guns blazing and exposed her ex-husband, Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz on social media.

In a series of posts on Instagram stories, Knight revealed that the picture of Seh Calaz kissing his new girlfriend only identified as Lissa Tanaka was leaked on purpose. Knight claims that Seh Calaz leaked his picture locking lips with another woman just because he was angry after she asked him to provide for his son.

Seh Calaz with his new girlfriend

Picture of Seh Calaz kissing his new girlfriend

She accused Seh Calaz of being a deadbeat father to his son. She claimed that she has provided for him all by herself since birth.

“Kana munhu achitsamwa because i asked kuti achengete mwana zvekusvika paku likisa ma pictures ake then i predict one will leak his own nudes too. (By the way whatever that was supposed to be it could have reached me another way isiri planned leaking but anyways hazvina mhosva). Our son now needs to be looked after by BOTH parents. I have provided for him all by myself since his birth so its only fair that his father contributes from now on.”

Knight went on to share pictures of her son whilst he was still in the hospital. Captioning the picture, she said that it wasn’t easy to look after her son all by herself.

Seh Calaz deadbeat father

Picture of Moira Knight son in hospital

Meanwhile, after the picture leaked, Moira Knight met up with her lawyers and they drafted a letter of demand to Seh Calaz. Seh Calaz has since been served with a letter of demand citing that if he doesn’t respond by the 18th of February Seh Calaz will be summoned to the maintenance court.

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