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My Respect For Seh Calaz Hasn’t Changed: Van Choga

Trending Zimdancehall chanter Van Choga, real name Valentine Choga, has broken silence over the termination of his union with Seh Calaz’s record label Yala Nation.

In a statement bidding to address public reactions that set social media ablaze yesterday, Van Choga said he will remain grateful to Seh Calaz’s contribution to his outburst.
“Firstly, I can confirm that I have left Yala Nation due to circumstances I won’t divulge at this stage. I, however, would like to stress that my respect for Seh Calaz hasn’t changed.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Seh Calaz and Yala Nation, which has been my artistic home for the past few months. Seh Calaz took me under his wing, and provided an enabling environment for me to grow, without even judging my brand and artistic delivery. I am forever grateful,” he said.
Van Choga added, “The past few months have been an eye-opener and learning curve for me. Our Zim music industry has those we look up to, those who came before us, those who support us and those who look up to us. I can only hope that whatever we do, we grow it to the level of us competing and collaborating with others across the continent. Zim brands, keep on investing in our industry, keep the fire burning.”

Van Choga is arguably one of the biggest beneficiaries among artistes from the Covid-19 induced lockdown enacted by government on 30 March.

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