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Moira Knight Drops Seh Calaz Diss Song

Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz’s estranged wife, Moira Knight will soon release a diss song giving a sneak peek into her tumultuous marriage with the award winning singer.

In the song, titled Wasunungura, Knight said the Hatipisike hitmaker used to physically abuse and cheat on her during the span of their marriage.

“Wakandirova then you denied it, wakandirwarisa but you denied it, wakanomitisa vana vevanhu ukazviramba pamberi pevanhu…,” says part of the lyrics.

The couple who parted ways in 2020 sired one child during their union.

Reacting to the song, some social media users alluded that Knight is yet to get over Calaz..

“To be honest sis you still love Boss Yala because by now you should have been moving on that would be better,” Facebook user Robert Munashe Mukombe said.
“Uyu zve life yake atadza uyu..take take naCalaz zvongooneka kt pake akundikana akuda kutsoma bandit ..imbwa yemunhu moirah duzvi kusvika muna 2070,” Munya Mpansi said.
“Moira dai wamboenda kwaGogo Chihoro vaya pamwe mungadzokerane.Taneta nebitterness yakadai ah.Move on nhaiwe!!!” Jackie Nyasha Mundodzi said.
But, others put themselves in her shoes and concluded that it is hard for her to forget Calaz because they share a child together.
“Dai wakapihwa heartbreak chete zvirinani manje kugara wakatarisana nalittle calaz haripori ronda,” Vee Reassurance Mapara said.
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