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Maid dragged to court over missing $1 000


A Mt Pleasant maid has been dragged to court over $1000 which went missing in the house.

Memory Harunavamwe, 25, stood before Harare magistrate court after being accused of stealing money at a house in Mt Pleasant where she served as a maid.

Harunavamwe, who was accused of purchasing clothes using the money refuted the allegations.

Upon denying  the accusations, Memory said, she bought the clothes using her savings from part time duties she performs on Sundays.

“I do part time jobs every Sunday and I was saving that money. I added the savings to my November salary and I bought  myself new clothes, I did not steal the money,” said Harunavamwe

The court heard that the accused was lying since calculations from the part-time jobs could not add up to the $1000 which  receipts from her brand new clothes shows.

Magistrate Mashamba postponed the case to February 24, 2016.

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