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MDC-T Refutes Massive Demonstration Rumors


Movement for Democratic Change, MDC-T has dismissed as false a statement circulating on social media that they have called for massive demonstrations saying those who are doing it are trying to malign their party president, Nelson Chamisa.

In a statement released today, MDC-T Presidential spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said Chamisa has not called for any protests adding that his party is law abiding party which follows procedures.

“For the record, President Chamisa has NOT called for any protest or demonstration this Friday. This is the work of people out to discredit him and to soil his reputation.

“There are many issues that President Adv. Chamisa has publicly promised to mobilize the people of Zimbabwe to protest against, particularly issues to do with the lack of transparency over the printing of the ballot paper to be used in the next election,” said Tamborinyoka.

“If, and when he decides to call for any demonstrations, the MDC-T leader and MDC-T Alliance Presidential candidate will openly and publicly call for such protests giving the time, form and nature of any such protests using official party platforms.

“The flyers calling for a demonstration tomorrow are a hoax and their only intention is to soil and malign the good standing of the people’s President. Zimbabweans should not pay any attention to such mischievous flyers as their leader has NOT called for any form of protests,” added Tamborinyoka.

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