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Mliswa Dares Chamisa Over ‘Two Faced’ Opposition MPs

Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has called on Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa to assert his powers and call for mass resignation of remaining opposition parliamentarians aligned to him but still in both legislative houses under the MDC-T ticket.

Following the recall of some legislators by MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora for openly declaring their membership of the then MDC Alliance, there are a few legislators including Job Sikhala, Joana Mamombe and Daniel Molokele among others who have moved with Chamisa to his newly formed CCC.

Posting on Twitter, Mliswa said the legislators should be decisive and principled by walking out of the Mwonzora led MDC-T.

“They should be decisive and principled enough, more so now that there is a new party to which they should be part of. They should walk out and resign from the @OurMDCT. Why remain under the ‘legal’ leadership of @Mwonzora, allowing him to get all of the money?

“Half of the time they are talking with @DMwonzora massaging him not to recall them, while also lying that they are with @nelsonchamisa. If Chamisa is serious he should bite the bullet and call upon all those councilors and legislators still in office to resign. They can’t remain in Parliament purporting to be on his side yet they are legally still counted as @OurMDCT. Mwonzora is getting more money under the Political Parties Finance Act because all those weak souls have remained in Parliament being counted as part of his @OurMDCT

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“Leadership is about sacrifice and @nelsonchamisa should show strength by giving a directive for resignation. This is not the time to work with people who are standing in no-man’s land waiting to see which side to take,” posted Mliswa.

He further questioned the loyalty of the remaining legislators who did not resign in solidarity with recalled members including Tendai Biti, Settlement Chikwinya, Tabitha Khumalo, and Prosper Mutseyami.

“The day that Tabitha Khumalo, Mutseyami and Hwende were kicked out of Parliament I expected the rest of their pals to follow suit and resign in solidarity and as a show of their intent as politicians of substance. That would have shown that they are indeed with Chamisa.

“Not for them to remain and hang on for the benefits. @nelsonchamisa needs partners who should be 100% with him if the opposition is to achieve anything. The opposition needs people who are prepared to sacrifice their personal benefits. People like Biti, Settlement Chikwinya, Tabitha Khumalo, and Mutseyami. These are the kind needed,” he said.

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