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Mnangagwa Cries Foul, Alleges Economic Sabotage

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Thursday alleged that his administration is under attack from saboteurs who are trying to stifle economic and political progress.

Mnangagwa made the remarks while addressing a ZanuPF Youth League Congress in Harare where he told the youth to identify businesses and critics working with foreign embassies to tarnish the government and slow down economic progress and bring regime change.

He said the spiralling exchange rate was the work of his detractors.

“We are aware that there are people who are working with detractors to bring about regime change through the manipulation of the exchange rate and unjustified price hikes.

“My government is seized with this matter and perpetrators will be brought to book, I exhort the youth to be vigilant and help expose all the deviant malcontents and counter-revolutionaries,” Mnangagwa said.

The Mnangagwa administration has been faced with a number of challenges in recent months with the economy seemingly on a downward trajectory aided by the skyrocketing inflation.

The Zimbabwean dollar continues to devalue against the US dollar and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s instituted bank rate system is falling by the day.

Cash shortages continue to bedevil the economy with most businesses on the verge of collapse in an economy which has a more than 80% unemployment rate.

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To worsen the situation, the healthcare and public service sectors have been hard hit which has prompted teachers, nurses and other civil service members to plan for a shutdown next week Monday in protest against the ever debilitating levels of life.

Mnangagwa said instead of youth calling for protests and waiting for the government to avail jobs, they should create their own.

“The days of you lining up seeking jobs are long gone. I expect you to create your own jobs, I expect to see the emergence of a crop of young versatile entrepreneurs who will help leapfrog our economic growth and emerge as the country’s millionaires,” he said.

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