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Outrage Over Bulawayo Polytechnic Dress Code Notice

Bulawayo Polytechnic college’s notice to students banning revealing outfits during classes has attracted public outrage with social media users labelling the move as regressive and unwarranted.

According to a notice released by the institution, no student will access the college facilities while ‘improperly’ dressed.

The notice listed 15 items banned including; “1. Ripped jeans. 2. Sleeveless tops and dresses. 3. String tops and string dresses. 4. Blouses or tops that leave the stomach out. 5. Off shoulder tops and dresses 6. Tops and dresses that reveal breast cleavages. 7. Tops and dresses that leave the back open (back outs). 8. Biker and bum shorts. 9. Skin tights and other tight fining clothes. 10. Skirts. shorts and dresses that are more than 5 centimeters above the knees. Sec through clothes. 12. Caps in class and offices for everyone and no head gear for male students in class and offices except on religious grounds. 13. Dropping off of trousers and shorts. 14. Vents that are more than 5cm above the knee. 15. Slippers(pata-pata).”

However, social media users have castigated the move saying college students are adults who should enjoy the freedom of putting on what they want.

“Dear Bulawayo Polytechnic, This is stupid and regressive. You’re a learning institution and learning is about opening minds. What people wear is personal expression & freedom of expression leads to fresh ideas. This is regressive. Oh…you’re not even on Twitter…ah yas!” said Twitter user Shumba Mutasa.

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“Absolute hogwash, you cannot dictate on how a person should dress. It should not be a mandatory code considering you’re dealing with adults instead it should only recommend that student should dress decently,” added another user S.R Davies.

“It could only come from a female principal…taking out her frustrations on students…she’s not getting enough attention,” Chiqua Vor.

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