Mugabe Son-in-Law now Under Fire

Former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s  son in law Simba Chikore is now in hot soup after the court trashed his application for discharge and send him to defense trial.

Harare Magistrate Victoria Mashamba has today dismissed Chikore’s application saying that the accused person had a case to answer on why he ordered the gate at his premises to be locked, blocking Bertha Zakeyo access to go.

She also said that the state managed to prove its case based on the inspection in loco which was done at Zimbabwe Airways premises and the last state witness Philipa Phillips, who was declared a hostile witness.

Magistrate Mashamba then dismissed Chikore’s application, who had submitted that he should be released at the close of the state’s case which he said was weak.

Allegations emerged from the case that Chikore, the Zimbabwe Airways boss fired Zakeyo from work.

It was said he then blocked her from leaving the premises ordering her to leave the company gadgets which she was refusing to surrender saying they had confidential information.

The matter happened in June last year. Zakeyo told the court that Chikore was a cruel boss, who always dismiss employees like that from work.

In his defense, Mugabe’s son-in-law was saying he never unlawfully detained Zakeyo but rather Zakeyo was bitter from being dismissed from work.

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