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New Political Outfit Proposes Zimbabwe Diaspora Bond

Newly formed political party, Patriotic Zimbabweans (PZ) is proposing the Zimbabwe Diaspora Bond (ZDB), an economic rescue plan to fix Zimbabwe economic challenges.

By Chamunorwa Matanhike

In an interview, PZ president Charles Muchinerepi Mutama said ZDB is a proposed loan from the diaspora to the government which will be managed in a trustee role by a certified continental financial organization on behalf of the diaspora creditors.

“Diaspora creditors will partner the government through a private company that will construct and operate toll plazas for the collection of revenue which will be used to service the loans. The ZDB will run for years while specifically focusing on road networks and then shift to energy, mining, agriculture, etc.,” he said.

“As a party, we are emphasizing the need for a public-private partnership between the diaspora and government in infrastructural development which guarantees a win-win situation for Zimbabweans through Return on Investments (ROI),” said Mutama.

“We formed PZ after realising that a combined political formation that includes the diaspora and those at home will best serve the interests of the nation while leveraging their ingenuity, resourcefulness and access to foreign markets as a collective,” said the former MDC Alliance Washington DC branch chairperson

He also added that PZ was formed because in Zanu PF and MDC Alliance, the diaspora is marginalised in the leadership structures of their political formations as they are only needed for convenience’s sake.

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Mutama, who is based in the United States of America said PZ which is going to contest in the 2023 elections vision is to ensure that Zimbabwe reverts to its position of being the jewel of Africa in terms of the economy and a genuinely people driven and centred politics.

“Our party has embarked on publicity, recruitment, and creation of structures within and outside Zimbabwe using two kinds of approaches which are internet and individually based. This has seen the party being established in different parts of the country and outside Zimbabwe,” he said.

PZ is led by Charles Muchineripi Mutama (President), Chiwoneso Mpofu (Vice President), Richard Appleton (Secretary General), Abel Mutize (National Chairperson), Desire Ncube (Deputy Secretary General), Samuel Khumalo (Treasurer General), Godswill Mugambiwa (Deputy Treasurer General), Advocate Princloo Kandemiiri (National Spokesperson), Monica Borerwe ( Women’s Chairperson), Pishai Muchauraya ( Secretary for International Relations), Mrs. Borerwe ( Secretary for Elections) and Charles Chidavaenzi (Deputy National Chairperson).

The party was formed in January 2021.

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