Opposition Leader Urges Support For ED’s Administration

Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) leader has urgen other opposition parties to rally behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s adminstration in trying to revive the fortunes of the country.

The South African based businessman who says will contest the 2023 presidential elections, said the country can only move forward if there is unity of purpose from opposition leaders while urging them to desist from soiling the country’s image.

“Our aim is to bring democracy across all political parties. However, there are some parties which are calling for sanctions so that our county remains poor. That is undemocratic and we condemn such actions.

“There are a lot of countries that want to provide aid and funding to Zimbabwe but for as long as some parties continue to tarnish the country’s image, we will not get that. So we urge all parties to come together and support the efforts being made by the government of the day.

“This is for the greater good of the nation. Let us all support ED until 2023 then we can all contest,” Chamuka said.

Soon after the 2018 elections ,the leading opposition party, MDC Alliance contested the elections citing fraud.

The MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa vowed to make the country ungovernable if his concens were not addressed.

Mnangagwa eventually setup the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) to bring all parties to shape the country;s fortunes.

Meanwhile, the Chamuka led outfit is in the process of coming up with its 2023 political roadmap to kickstart its campaign.

Chamuka said the 2023 elections will be crucial for his party as they will be entering the political arean for the first time.

“We are ready to lead and we believe we can win. However, we should learn to embrace the winner of these elections. We should learn to accept defeat,” he said.

His party recently conducted online elections as part of strengthening the structures of the party. The online elections came a s a result of the COVID-19 induced lockdown and ZEC’s suspension of all elections.

Chamuka vowed to continue playing a leading role in educating people on Covid-19 and coming up with programs to help them to come out of it stronger.

“We are proving PPEs to communities and some Covid-19 relief funds to enable families to support themselves,” he said.

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