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Opposition Party Calls For 2023 Election Boycott

Opposition outfit, People’s Unity Party (PUP) will hold a national demonstration in February 2023 with the aim to stop the 2023 elections.
PUP party leader, Herbert Chamuka said he has been in consultation with his support base and some politicians who have agreed that the 2023 general elections will not change the political and economic landscape of the country.

“I have been in consultation with my party members and the Zimbabwean people in general and they’re saying they don’t want elections.

“They are saying those elections will not be free and fair, they won’t be representating their interests.The people are saying they are being forced to go to an election which they are against,”Chamuka said.

The 2023 elections are tipped to be high contested with opposition parties like the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa likely to stage strong challenge to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ZanuPF party.

Chamuka extended his call boycott to all parties saying this will benefit the country in the long run.

“As a party that represents the people’s interests we saw it fit to go with their views As a result, we are calling on other parties to join our demonstration in February,” said Chamuka.

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He said up being given the green light by the police, they will mobilize from all corners.

“We are currently waiting for police approval to hold this demonstration. We urge every Zimbabwean to be in solidarity with us as this demonstration will liberate this country.

“We are aiming to bring all parties under one banner including ZanuPF. We want Zimbabwe to be united, we want to do away with elections for two years and try to build the country based on national cohesion,”Chamuka retorted.

Furthermore, the opposition leader said hi party is advocating for the country to be run by a commission selected by the people.
“Members of Parliament will be chosen from the political parties in Zimbabwe, this will make Zimbabwe a better country,”he added.

After elections, Chamuka said, the country is likely to see the situation worsening with inflation rising, the Zimbabwean dollar will weaken.

“This is why we should avoid elections. We need to remove all sanctions , that should be our focus. Going to the election as things stand is a waste of resources, nothing will change,”Chamuka.

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