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Losing Presidential Candidate Castigates ED


Losing presidential candidate in the July 30 elections and leader of FreeZim Congress, Joseph Busha, has come out guns blazing against President Emmerson Mnangagwa for failing to deliver his electoral promises while leaving millions to suffer under a severely harsh economic condition.

Busha had no kind words for the ‘New Dispensation’ which he said has brought about the same sufferings that the country faced in 2008.

“I feel sorry for the people who marched and were in a celebratory mood in December 2017. They are facing the same situation we faced in 2008 were people were queuing for money in the banks, people were queuing for fuel on petrol stations and they could not go to their holidays purely because of shortages.

“If you were around in 2008 and you went away only to come back in 2018, certainly there would no difference because the environment and circumstances remain the same.

“We talk about a new dispensation when there is no change. A new dispensation is about new leadership not change of positions. So our view is that there is no change because Zimbabweans are still battling to get cash to be able to do their activities,” said Busha.


The South African based businessman noted that despite making a number of promises during campaigns, Mnangagwa still does things the old way and is slowly running out of ideas.

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Come 2023, Busha urged Zimbabweans to vote wisely and be wary of empty promises by Zanu-PF.

“There are issues to do with job creation and improvements of lives. The people will always remain hopeful but they need something tangible. One of the things that Zimbabweans were repeatedly told was that the criminals which were causing corruption would be removed, but that has not been done.

“Those few ministers who have been taken for questioning… I’m not quite sure if those are the only people who have committed crime in Zimbabwe,” Busha charged.

During the campaigning period, Mnangagwa made a cocktail of promises including creating employment, opening up new industries through foreign direct investment among others.

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