Police Downplays Ban On Company, School Owned Buses

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has downplayed remarks made by Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube last week that all private buses not contracted to the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) including staff and school buses, are barred from the carrying passengers.

Inspector Ncube made the remarks at a press conference at Ross Camp after scores of pupils were left stranded as police impounded vehicles that were pirating in defiance of COVID-19 regulations in the city.

In a statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said company and school owned buses with relevant documentation will be allowed passage at police manned roadblocks and checkpoints.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to set the record straight on the use of company and school-owned buses to carry staff and pupils throughout the country. This clarity will also assist to correct the statement being attributed to ZRP Bulawayo Provincial Spokesperson which recently went viral on social media.

“In enforcing the Government’s Covid-19 regulations on transporters, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will ensure that company and school owned buses which have the requisite documents, proof of ownership and all relevant registration processes are allowed passage at roadblocks and checkpoints.

“The police will only impound public service vehicles such as kombis or buses which are carrying passengers whilst they are not registered under the ZUPCO franchise. Police3 officers are fully aware of this position. Private taxis and mushikashika vehicles will be impounded by the police and there is no going back on this stance for public safety,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

He said companies and schools that intend to hire private kombis and buses should seek clearance from the relevant Ministry and ZUPCO.

“Companies and schools which intend to hire kombis or buses which are not under ZUPCO franchise to transport workers should first seek clearance from the relevant Ministry and ZUPCO. This will assist law enforcement officers in the maintenance of law and order on the roads.” he said.

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