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No More Fuel Provision For Peri-urban ZUPCO Operators


The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company has announced that its peri-urban operators will now acquire fuel on their own with effect from the 10th of November.

In a letter dated November 3, peri-urban operators were also instructed to charge passengers $800.00 or US$1.00.

“You are being advised to revert to the gazetted fare of ZWL$800.00 on all peri-urban routes with effect from 04 November 2022. For passengers willing to pay in US$, crews are urged to accept US$1.00 for a journey without any extra charge having to be passed on to the passenger to avoid fare distortions. Passengers paying in US$ should be given a ticket matching the ZWLS800.00.

“Having noted the above, you are now mandated to buy your own fuel with effect from the 10th of November 2022 as all highway buses are doing,” reads part of the letter.

The development comes after the recent review of fares for urban commuters and the introduction of United States dollar fares.

Passengers who use ZUPCO commuter omnibus (kombis) had fares reviewed to ZWL$400 up from ZWL$220 for distances up to 20 km.

For distances between 21 and 30 kilometres, passengers now pay ZWL$550 from ZWL$260.

Those paying in United States dollars fork out US$0.75  for short distances of up to 20 km and US$1.00 per trip for between 21 and 30km.

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ZUPCO buss fares were also reviewed up to ZWL$300 or US$0.50, from ZWL$140 for distances up to 20km, ZWL$400 or US$0.75 from ZWL$180, for distances between 21 and 30km, and ZWL$500 or US$1.00 from ZWL$220 for distances 31-40 km.

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