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Pressure Mounts On Nzenza  To Release NSSA Forensic Report

There is growing skepticism over the continued delays by the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and Public Service and Social Welfare Minister Sekai Nzenza to release the forensic audit report insisting they are exercising due diligence before going public with the report, 263Chat can report.

The forensic report which part of its contents is now in public domain following revelations made during the trial of detained Tourism Minister, Prisca Mupfumira is already pointing towards a bombshell of exposés.

Speaking to the press at the NSSA offices this morning, the minister was pressed for answers on the delays in publicizing the report.

“I have not found it difficult to make the report public; there are processes that must be followed when a forensic report that’s initiated by the executive has been presented. I got the report in March through the Auditor General and we sat with the new board members and discussed it. Some of the four key issues to emerge were, to do with corporate governance, I.T, Investments and HR,”

“In all those four, there are some irregularities that required lawyers to unpack each one of them. It needs to be unpacked and presented not only to the public but also to Parliament,” said Nzenza.

Parliament has in recent weeks upped pressure on Nzenza, demanding to be furnished with details to the report but she stood her ground announcing that she will only avail it once done.

Last week, following the arrest of her Tourism counterpart, Prisca Mupfumira, rumors went round that Nzenza was an accomplice in the siphoning of funds from the social protection authority (NSSA), confirming public suspicions over her delays in publicizing the report.

But on Monday morning Nzenza said she will release the report upon completion of reviewing by the lawyers.

“We are in the process of reviewing the forensic report and we have engaged a team of lawyers to offer legal counsel for careful appraisal. The legal counsel was going to collate the information in order to help the board chair and the board members to decide on the appropriate legal route to pursue. I noted that were there was evidence that would warrant either criminal action o recovery through civil remedies we shall be pursuing those interests because we safeguard the interests of the employees as well as the pensioners,”

“We needed to do the due diligence that was necessary in having on board the lawyers. It took longer than I expected and I know I have an obligation to present It and I will present it very soon,” she added.

However her explanation remains far from convincing, the main opposition party, MDC says.

“Clearly we and the people are getting worried by the delay tactics at play. There is no justification for these delays in just releasing this report,” MDC spokesperson Daniel Molokele told 263Chat in an interview.

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