PSMAS Opens Doors To Private Sector

The Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) has opened doors to the private sector after years of mainly targeting government workers, in a move that coincided with the company’s rebranding exercise.

Speaking during the rebranding ceremony, PSMAS Acting Managing Director Dr Nixjoen Mapesa said they are embracing everyone.

“The blue, red and gold, indicate diversity and all-encompassing compassion for diversity. Its services cater for all people everywhere. Embracing everyone is embracing the future. It is now time to step into a world beyond medical aid. A world like no other before. Restoring confidence and redefining possibilities. We have valued the health of their members. Now it is time to experience our new commitment to care,” Dr Mapesa said.

Over the years, PSMAS has mainly catered for the public sector as its mainstream clientele.

However it has increased its target market by also embracing the private sector.

PSMAS said its rebranding seeks to position the company to be more proactive and responsive in an ever-changing dynamic environment and emerging global trends.

“The Society has had to refocus its strategic focus to achieve objectives which include creating value for its stakeholders, rectify system efficiencies affecting turn-around time, enhancing card acceptance and access to health care and medication and enabling real time payments and processing through automation so as to keep abreast of the technological environment,” PSMAS said in a statement.

In his address during the rebranding ceremony, PSMAS Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Farai Muchena said the company resolved to transform its structure to align with evolving market and governance expectations.

“Once all internal transformations were completed, the external image of the Society will then be transformed to be reflective of the new PSMAS of the future.

“We believe in our hearts, that when we see the Society’s continued ability to help members to meet their healthcare expenses, when we continue to create direct and indirect employment for our employees and suppliers, enabling them to send their children to school, put food on the table and launch exceptional and fulfilling careers, when we create sustainable value for our shareholders and our communities, when we support the businesses of our service providers enabling them to contribute to the fiscus through payment of taxes and more importantly, when we facilitate access to quality and affordable healthcare services for the population of Zimbabwe as well as the diaspora from all economic sectors public, private and informal, the pain of this transformation WILL ALL BE WORTH IT,” said Dr Muchena.

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