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Rebranded MDC Youth To Give Zanu PF Headaches

Opposition MDC’s incoming youths leadership has fired warning shots to the ruling Zanu PF vowing to take the party to new heights through a package of programmes including strategic mobilization of new members ahead of the 2023 plebiscite.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat Tuesday morning, Youth Assembly national organizing secretary aspirant Denford Ngadziore said the MDC Youths Assembly takes pride in the exemplary leadership of party president Nelson Chamisa.

“President Nelson Chamisa remains an inspiration to us as the young people in the party and beyond. We subscribe 100 percent to his vision of defining a new course for this country and post congress. The dynamics are changing in terms of mobilizing and recruiting new youth cadres.

“Our aim is not just to have as many members as possible in our youth assembly, but for the young people to understand that their future is safe in the hands of the visionary leader president Chamisa. The ideological basis lies in the inclusive agenda the young people need to define together and rally behind that common mission,” he said.

The Harare West ward 16 Councillor, who has been in and out of prison facing political persecution for his undying support for the labour inspired movement, said the youth assembly will go into areas that were traditionally been Zanu PF’s strongholds to enlighten the young people.

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“Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans. There is no sacred place that another political party can tell us not to go. We will go to every corner of this country to appraise the young people on what is at stake if power remains in the hands of our colleagues from the other house,” Ngadziore said.

Aspiring youth assembly secretary general and former University of Zimbabwe Student President Gift Ostallos Siziba weighed in saying the youth assembly is rebranding into a hybrid model where youth institutions that support the party like the Zimbabwe National Student Union (ZINASU) form sound common ideological sermon for the purposes of building a one compact and result oriented youth assembly.

“President Chamisa envisages a solid youth assembly with fully functional countywide structures which understand where the president intends this country to go. So, post congress, will see a youth assembly comprised of  young people with political etiquette that understand our rights as enshrined in the constitution.

“We have to do justice to the trust we have earned from the party whose structures have for now gave  thumbs up our contest at the forth coming congress,” Siziba said.

The MDC youth assembly had fissures with common ground often times failing to be reached particularly by the camp rising through colleges and while the other camp was grounded to the party bases commonly going by the now defunct ‘vanguard’.

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