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Opposition Activists Insist Chamisa Won the Popular Vote


Opposition activists and political analysts have expression concern over the possibility of the ruling Zanu PF gaining two thirds majority in parliament, insisting that MDC Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa won the popular vote ahead of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking to 263Chat, Dr Victor Chimhutu leader of Zimbabwe Yadzoka, a local democracy pressure group said Zanu PF domination in parliament without the support of the majority spells a bleak future for the country.

“It’s a bleak future, ZANU-PF will remain unsupported by the majority of the people. When the majority of citizens does not have faith and trust in a system, there is no way the country can progress socially or economically. Zimbabwe’s main problem is a confidence crisis & these fictitious election results does not alley such fears,” added Chimhutu.

“It’s a clear attempt by ZEC to subvert the will of the people. Unreasonably inflated figures from so called ZANU-PF strongholds are worrying against the backdrop that in 21% of polling stations mostly in those areas results were not posted as required by the law. These V11 forms are either missing or were burnt. Undesignated polling stations were also unearthed in the process. More worrying is the delay in announcing the popular vote where Chamisa thumped Mnangagwa,” added Chimhutu.

The President of Economics Students Association of Zimbabwe also a University of Zimbabwe student leader and ZINASU activist Treasure Bassopo is also concerned about the future of students after studies.
“We as students, we are not living on our own island, we are concerned and bona-fide citizens of the Republic of Zimbabwe and we can not legitimize the illegitimate.Issues of constitutional ism, rule of law, democracy and good governance are the ones we can self sacrifice  and die in defense of.”
If reforms are not implemented, we can not be hoodwinked into a sham, bogus and illegitimate process. If we are convinced that the election is not procedural, we will declare Zimbabwe a failed and ungovernable state, we will declare this nation a war zone and battle ground to restore constitutional legacy, for ZEC is proving to be defiant and arrogant, and is convinced not to want and implement existing laws”
“We however encourage al students and youth to go and vote, but when the clarion call of defense has been raised, lets all do so in the interests of nation building and self cleansing from despotism,” said Bassopo.
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