Shots Fired At Chamisa’s Convoy

Opposition party, MDC Alliance has made claims that some Zanu PF aligned thugs fired gunshots at party president Nelson Chamisa’s convoy as he was about to enter Mutare yesterday.

In a statement, MDC Alliance national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the thugs who were armed gathered around Chamisa’s entourage armed with weapons.

“Yesterday, at approximately 5pm, bullets were fired at the convoy of President Nelson Chamisa as he was about to enter Mutare. One of the bullets flew through the vehicle carrying President Chamisa. Loud gunshots were heard by those at the scene.

“About 12 unmarked Hilux vehicles trailed the convoy of the President as the road was blockaded with rocks. Vehicles that were part of the convoy were stoned. Armed ZANU PF thugs gathered around President Chamisa’s convoy. The thugs were armed with knobkerries, axes, guns and knives.

“The shooting incident was preceded by an unprecedented number of roadblocks which were manned by police officers who were taking instructions from the ZANU PF thugs. A gentleman by the name Mambondiani of ZANU PF coordinated the attack,” said Mahere

This is the second time that the MDC Alliance leader has received hostility during his tour of the country’s provinces with Mahere claiming that Zanu PF is scared of change.

With reference to the Masvingo incident, Acting Zanu PF political commissar Patrick Chinamasa said Chamisa was imposing himself on the Masvingo audience without their consent.

Mahere added, “Yesterday’s sad incident follows another assassination attempt on the life of the President last Monday when he was in Masvingo. Again, his vehicle was heavily stoned by ZANU PF thugs in an orgy of violence that resulted in five members of his team being badly injured and hospitalized. What is beyond doubt is that ZANU PF is terrified of the unstoppable groundswell of citizen support for President Chamisa & the broad alliance forming in every village and every town to win Zimbabwe for change.

“Despite the harassment and intimidation, President Chamisa and the MDC Alliance are continuing with the tour which will see the President engage citizens, civic leaders and special interest groups as we strengthen the broad alliance to win Zimbabwe for change. What is central for us is to champion the cause of the Zimbabwean people who face grave economic difficulties, depleted wages, a rising cost of living, a broken education system, dilapidated infrastructure, extreme poverty and a public health system that is on its knees,” said Mahere

The MDC Alliance says Chamisa is embarking on a community citizens’ conversation interface in various provinces in line with the party’s Agenda 2021.

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