Side Netting — EPL Match Day 4

Prem is back. F**k the international break man. However if you are an Arsenal fan you probably welcomed the break. Liverpool punished Leeds for playing the way they do, Lukaku proving he was the missing link for Chelsea, City do a 1–0 in a great game against Leicester, Sp*rs do a sp*rs and the BIG return to Old Trafford of Ronaldo.

We will start where all UTD fans want me to start. Cristiano Ronaldo. The UTD fans have been jizzing their pants all week and well, I can’t begrudge them this one though. It has been so long since the EPL has had a genuine number 1 player in the league. Some were doubters, he is too old, too slow for the EPL. But anyone who has followed Ronaldo, love him or hate him should know he is still in peak condition. And true to type CR7 (took his number from Cavani lol Boss move) went in a scored 2 goals. what stood out for me though was how much better UTD looked with him on the pitch. I mean shit, even Sancho came alive and was doing step overs. Pogba and Pernandez didn’t want be out done by a 35 year old and stepped up their games. So does CR7 give UTD a chance at the title? You gaddamn right he does, and most of it will be approach and mentality. With him on the team, you just can’t play shit, you have to do your part because Ronaldo will hold you accountable. Having said that, I think the coach is now Ronaldo lol, he will be picking the team from now on lol.

City v Leicester: It was a narrow win for City but the quality on the pitch and the game was so good. Leicester are no joke and to hang with City like that is commendable. For me, City have a problem at Striker. I mean if there is a team that can win the Prem without a striker its City. But with Chelsea and now UTD upgrading in those positions you have to worry a little about where City are going to get the goals. Sure the shitted all over Arsenal, but the Gunners are dreadful right now. How Pep will sort this out remains to be seen, but the January Transfer window can’t come soon enough for City.

Arsenal v Nowrich: relegation battle and Arsenal finally got their first win of the season. It was a scrappy 1–0 but at this point I will take it. The team just needed a win by any means necessary. Most fans wanted a statement win, but for me it was just about getting A win. F**k the statements we just needed to get on the board. It was a totally different team that played the first 3 games and it showed. Arsenal looked a lot better than they have even creating chances. Auba should have had a hat trick but that man is so short of confidence its unreal. It’s only Nowrich but if you are an Arsenal fan you know playing a team in the bottom half of the table nothing is guaranteed.

Chelsea v Villa: Lukaku, man is a beast. Chelsea are not great on the eye, but they are organized and efficient. And now with a guy who will get you 25 and even goals from midfield, for me they are the complete team. Saul played too. Apparently he didn’t do too well, his coach calling him out about some mistakes he made. Tuchel is savage man. I expect Saul will bounce back though, he is too good a player to be shit. Chelsea still rode their luck a little bit, Villa missed some really good chances, but the difference as said before is having quality upfront. It’s why a Lukaku gets paid over 200k/wk and an Danny Ings gets paid 80k/wk. Lukaku makes it work for Chelsea and he will get them wins where it may be a bit of shit game.

Liverpool v Leeds: To play that open against Liverpool is suicide. But this is Leeds and Bielsa and they just go for it regardless of who they are playing. Honestly this should have been more than 3–0. Liverpool were class, that Harvey Elliot kid needs to be talked about a lot more. The kid can PLAY. Shame that dick head took him out for what looks like the rest of the season. Mo Salah is class man. Can’t stand him but he is simply amazing. the worry right now is Mane, who looked sharp, but seemed to be snatching at his chances. He should have score at least 3 or 4. Leeds were bad though, like TRASH TRASH. I get playing your game but damn, at least look at the opposition you are playing. Good win for Liverpool though, Leeds can be a banana skin game for any team, but Liverpool looked assured and confident. They can’t afford to drop points with all the other title hopeful teams winning.

Lets all laugh at Sp*rs. Is it just me or harry Kane does not look like he wants to be there? Crystal Palace shat all over Sp*rs, Zaha skinning new boy Emmerson time and time again. Welcome to prem buddy!! And what about this Eduaord guy scoring 10 seconds after he came on and again to cap off a great win. Sp*rs looked lost without Son, and Kane was just anonymous. To be fair, that Sp*rs midfield was boring. NO CREATIVITY. they will bounce back though, so many players out for them.

Winners: UTD and CR7, I mean what else can you say? Couldn’t have hoped for a better story.

Losers: Sp*rs; if you wanna make top 4 you have to win these matches. They are far from being a top 4 team.


  1. Chelsea — So technically UTD is number 1 on the table but I still think Chelsea edges it.
  2. UTD — Ronaldo makes them relevant in the title race. Defensively though can be got at. A woeful Newcastle still created chances.
  3. City — Still a machine of a team. No striker is still an issue
  4. Liverpool — Looked really good against Leeds. With the Elliot kid out, their bench is not even weaker.
  5. Sp*rs — Drop all the way down to 5th, I expect them to drop further.

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