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Stunner Takes A Dig At Former Wife Olinda


Drama around popular rapper, Stunner’s relationship with his ex, Olinda Chapel which to many appeared like a done deal,  has resurfaced again after the former launched a tirade against his former mistress whom he said was not responsible for the glamorous life he used to live.

Stunner was responding to an Instagram user who claimed that the Dhafu Korera hitmaker was going through a tough patch since dumping Olinda.

In his latest Instagram post, Stunner had posted bragging about his good fashion sense saying, “And after work I still find myself smiling to the bank (oh wait to the money changer) model.”

Commenting on the post, an Instagram user, sandrakudzaiwayerera had no kind words for Stunner saying it was not so strategic of him to let go of Olinda as he is now struggling to maintain the colorful lifestyle he used to portray when they were together.

“This is nice but @olinda_chapel used to do it better on u and thumbs up to her????????????.makaita loss paya mdhara but anyway zvavakuitirwa @tytantheone…paya mdhara u were dripping juice and sauce at the same time.mdhara ndakasangana nemi somewhere mmm ndakanzwa tsitsi ini..but anyway yakatodeuka kare..uchanzwa umwe achiti heee heee hater what what but ndangotaurawo zvangu…Just keep it up,” said Sandra.

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In response, Stunner was quick to trash Sandra’s comment saying he only knew Olinda for 11 months, a period he was too short for the latter to make notable changes in his life.

“@sandrakudzaiwayerera interesting but tell me paakaita nice pacho, which OUTFIT? Musangoudzwa nhema and just because we dont answer back dont make anything true. Take your time go on the internet and look for an outfit you think she did nice. I knew her for 11 months and have lived this life for 16. Thank you for commenting and liking the pic,” responded Stunner.

Meanwhile, Olinda’s new husband, Tytan has taken his affection for his wife to a whole new level with a tattoo inscribed Chapel name on his forearm.

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