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Stunner Pleads With Cyber Bullies, Says He’s Mentally Unwell


Popular rapper, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has pleaded with cyber bullies to let him breathe as he fears that his mental health may fold from consistent trolls.

Stunner has grown into an easy target for cyber bullies and content creators who capitalise on his assumed “failed” career and life in general. He has even been tagged a forty year old teenager, a phrase which seeks to illustrate and emphasise how much of a failed adult he is.

But despite the persistent trolls, he had never opened up on how it affects him, until yesterday. In a post shared on Facebook, Stunner admitted that he has been struggling with his mental health due to cyber bullying.

“It’s sad how even when you are just doing your life there are people that keep hating on you , try and profit off you , say you are nothing but the only time they get the most attention is when they mention your name.


” Recently someone had a fight with a famous person in South Africa and y’all think hey let’s disrupt Stunner’s life and throw him in the mix. Have I not gone through enough in my life, how long do you guys want me to keep fighting for my mental state, my life and my kids? I do not enjoy this arena of drama and I do not start any (I have never brought drama to social media rather her it has been brought by others) .

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“I have not been in a good state and I’m fighting thru my tik tok jokes , music and when I get on stage. Please guys if u can’t help me just leave me alone , I find ways to fix me. ONE DAY YOU ARE GOING TO LIGHT A CANDLE FOR ME AND IT WONT BE BECAUSE OF A POWER CUT. #Maivepiko#rapperwekugumisira,” wrote Stunner.

Meanwhile, the 42 year old singer was recently in a mercy breakup with his baby mama, Dyonne Tafirenyika, who dragged him to court on allegations of physical abuse. Stunner was, however, acquitted after Tafirenyika failed to prove her case before the courts.

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