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Teachers Union Accuses Govt Of Diversionary Tactics

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has dismissed government investigations on unions allegedly working with western countries saying it is a diversionary tactic meant to distract teachers from fighting for better working conditions.

In a statement, PTUZ President Dr Takavafira Zhou said government had through the public media had already pre-empted its investigations by naming teachers’unions of working with the west to effect regime change, claims he said were ludicrous.

“As PTUZ we welcome government investigations on teachers’ unions allegedly working in cohorts with the United Kingdom to deliver a regime change. This is a rational approach that we believe can unravel the truth, if objectively done.

“Sadly, ZBC and Herald have already found culprits before any investigations are carried out.

“Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to investigate and make informed enunciations rather than the ludicrous hallucination of falsely accusing legitimate union leaders of a crime they have not committed?,” said Zhou.

He said his union is legitimately working to improve the welfare of teachers and has no business involving itself in power transfer issues.

“How a legitimate teachers’ union can overnight assume powers to change an entrenched totalising hegemonic power with full control of security forces, remains baffling and puzzling,” added Zhou.

He further accused government of employing diversionary tactics to weaken teachers from fighting for improved welfare and better education system for the country.

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“We posit that this is diversionary tactic tailor-made to weaken our focus on teachers’ welfare and establishment of a credible system of education in Zimbabwe. We want to reiterate that Ptuz is not and will never become an appendage of any political party or government,” Zhou said.

Government and labour unions are at loggerheads over poor salaries with teachers threatening to snub invigilating examinations until they are offered payment while the parent ministry dismissed their request saying they can use anyone to superintend over the process.

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