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We Are Ready For Passion Java’s Demands: Enzo Ishall’s New Management

Enzo Ishall’s new management, TeeMak Promotions, have vowed to meet any compensation demands coming from controversial cleric Passion Java who appears aggrieved by the manner in which he parted ways with the singer.

The remarks were made during the official signing ceremony of a three-year contract between Teemak Promotions and Enzo Ishall earlier today in the capital.

Passion Java had verbal contract with the Kanjiva singer but since they parted ways, he has taken to social media, threatening legal action or compensation for losses incurred.

However, speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony Teemak indicated that they will only pay back what is owed only when justified.

“We have the financial capacity to pay back whatever demands that may arise from Enzo Ishall’s previous engagement. But these demands or compensation will have to be justified, we have a team of necessary bodies to asses whether or not the necessity for us to pay anything is there,” said Teemak.

According to Teemak, the deal which has already seen Enzo bagging “five figures in US$ form” and will also offer the artist monthly allowances while catering for his recording, video and tour bills, is a non-exploitive deal on the promoter’s side seeking Enzo Ishall onto the international market.

“We are not in this deal to make money out of it, I know where I can get money and this is the least of my sources. I have been friends with Enzo for a while now, and these are just two young men who have just joined hands together to conquer the music industry,” said Teemak.




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