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Youths Demand Change, Recognition

Youths from different organizations across the country converged in the capital on Thursday to find solutions to their continued exclusion from national processes despite constituting the majority population.

By Sylvia Changachirere

During the conference, youths expressed concerns over the abuse of young people by politicians who take advantage of their incapacitation and limited access to sources of influence.

Young people bemoaned lack of opportunities and not being mentioned or given a chance to voice their concerns in parliamentary or politics.

The youths also discussed issues of not being mentioned or given a chance to voice their concerns in parliamentary or politics due to reasons of age.

“The problem is not in youths but imi vabereki vedu, vanenge vachitideedzera kuva murivana (our parents call us children),” said Jonathan Ndlovu, one of the participants.

From the interaction with some of the participants, it was evident that the youths were calling for recognition.

“There is every reason for us as youths to complain. We put across issues that we think should be looked at but changes or even consultations are not even done. Our leaders believe that we still kids who just pay around without purpose,” said Yeukai Motsi.

However, representatives from the country’s law making body, the parliament, encouraged the youths to continue pressing for their issues to be heard and make sure they do things hands on.

The representatives from the relevant ministry, the Ministry of Youths, promised to look at some of the issues raised during the conference saying it will constitute the Youth Policy which will be made public in the next coming weeks.

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