ZANU PF Activist Nabbed For Illegal Land Grab

A Zanu PF aligned activist has been dragged to court for allegedly grabbing and chasing away an Indian business woman from her land.

Richard Samunda, aged 41 stood before Harare magistrate, Edwin Marecha answering to charges of malicious damage to property.

State, prosecutor Tapiwanashe Zvidzai alleged that charges against Samunda arose from an incident that took place on November 16 2018.

The complainant in the case is Ismael Rashan of Ridgeview, Harare.

The state alleges that Rashan applied for land on an open space and was given stand Number 40720 in Belvedere.

It was also heard that she went on to erect poles around the place intending to fence it off but Samunda then teamed up with seven men who were dressed in Zanu PF regalia and uprooted the poles.

“We interviewed people near the site who indicated that the accused had come with some people clad in Zanu PF T-shirts and removed the poles,” said Rashan’s employee, Anyway Dobo.

The State also alleges that Samunda was seen by one Mpofu, whom the former told the land belonged to him.

“The following day the complainant filed a police report after she was informed by her employee that the poles had been uprooted.

The court heard that Rashan cross checked with Harare City Council and was told that Samunda was not known to them and that he was not the rightful owner of the stand as he alleged.

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