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Zanu PF Accused Of Vote Buying Ahead Of Kuwadzana Council By-Election


The opposition MDC has accused Zanu PF of using hunger and starvation as a political tool to win votes ahead of the Kuwadzana Ward 44 council by-election set for this weekend.

The allegations emerged after ZANU PF’s national political commissar, Victor Matemadanda distributed 28 tonnes of maize meal in Kuwadzana, Harare.

MDC’s national deputy spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said the move was clear vote-buying which violates the Electoral Act.

“As usual the captured ZEC will turn a blind eye to this violation of the laws of the land. Elsewhere, especially in rural areas and those areas where there are pending by-elections, Zanu PF continues to illegally use food as a political weapon,” said Tamborinyoka in a statement to the media.
He cited repeated acts of vote buying and manipulation of electoral process as the prime reason why citizens are losing faith in the elections.
“As a party, we have unstinting faith in democracy and in the electoral route. That has always been the culture and character of the party and that is why a comprehensive reform agenda is one of our key demands.
“We challenge ZEC to take action on Matemadanda but we are well aware that the captured election management body will do no such thing. ZEC has shown that it is an extension of Zanu PF and we challenge them to take decisive action against the Zanu PF political commissar not only to prove their autonomy but also to show their teeth, assuming they have them,” he said.
However, the MDC is upbeat that come Saturday, they retain their seat which fell vacant following the death of area Councillor Renias Masunda in November last year.
“Despite Victor’s vote-buying antics, we know Zanu PF will not be victors in Kuwadzana. What Victor has simply done is dare ZEC to take action. ZEC must step up to the plate and if they don’t take action, and by the good heavens they will not, then Victor’s Kuwadzana antics provide glaring evidence why this country is always mired in this vicious cycle of heart  of our current national crisis,” said Tamborinyoka.
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