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All Set For Mambo Dhuterere’s Executive  Album launch

As fans of contemporary gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere wait with bated breath the release of his latest album slated for the 30th of April, this publication can exclusively reveal that it will be an executive launch.

The executive album launch is going to be bankrolled by St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World, where he fellowships together with his wife.

Speaking at the church’s Passover in Mhondoro yesterday , the  founder and leader Bishop Dr Sydney Mabhiza touted Mambo Dhuterere as the next big thing on gospel music scene and that the church will ably support the executive album launch.

“I am proud that we have seen how Mambo Dhuterere’s brand is growing. Chibaba ichi (street lingo for a star).
” However, we are stopping at nothing to ensure he cements the top spot in the music scene especially the gospel genre. Since we have also appointed him our ambassador. The church is brewing something big on the executive launch that will leave many drooling that ‘Mapositori’ can also do wonders, “announced Bishop Dr  Sydney Mabhiza.

While the intricate details of the date and venue are still under wraps, this publication can reveal that the church is targeting to raise a ‘minimum of US$50 000’ for the grand album launch.

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” As a church, let’s set US$50 000 as the minimum we can raise for this exquisite album launch. I pledge US$10 000 for this cause,” the revered church leader said.

This writer witnessed one of the church executive members pledging US$20 000 while several congregants made a beeline donating and pledging various amounts such  by the time the passover ended close to US$40 000 had been raised.

Meanwhile, in an interview on the sidelines of the passover, Mambo Dhuterere said the incoming album will have some new sound feels.

“We haven’t completely discard our sound but have just added some few elements and I am hoping people will enjoy our music,” said the burly musician.

Titled Nadah PaChiputekezi,’the album carries  social commentaries and includes a song on gender equality and empowerment’.

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