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Analysts Speak On ‘Mjolo’ Related Suicide Cases

The marauding rate of romantic related suicide cases in the country can be attributed to the dearth of our social structure requiring society to urgently address these issues instead of sweeping them under the carpet, analysts have said.

By Takudzwa Charmaine Chikakayi

Over the past month, romantic related suicide cases have proliferated in the country.

Ximex dealer, Tafadzwa Murengwa popularly known as Boss Pango shot dead his girlfriend, Samantha Dzapata, before taking his life over an infidelity issue.

Many other related cases were reported in other parts of the country raising questions whether society is giving adequate attention to mental health issues.

In an interview with 263Chat, social commentator and associate professor in the department of communication and media at the university of Johannesburg, Professor Admire Mare said many relationships are increasingly mediated by money and conspicuous spending.

“Society ought to ensure that it deals with toxic masculinities which are creating men without emotions and those who bottle up their emotions until it’s too late. It is societal challenge fueled by socioeconomic hardships and the strain relationships are going through,” said Mare.

Psychologist, Ivy Mukombachoto noted that the spike in suicide cases has also been linked to serious feelings of rejection that lead to low self-esteem, unworthiness and not being good enough.

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To Mukombachoto, these cocktail of feelings trigger emotional imbalances resulting in depression.

“Therapy, spending time with friends and family as a strong support system helps one to cope with such emotional imbalances. The cycle of the mjolo pandemic which seems to support the breaking of hearts should stop.

She added that society should invest in building resilience, mental well-being programmes and psycho-social services.

Zimbabwe’s suicide rate is ranked 34th in the world according to the latest available World Health Organisation data for 2018 and 2019.

According to the global health watchdog, Zimbabwe has a crude suicide rate of 14,1 deaths per 100,000.

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