Buoyant Chamuka Confident Of Mnangagwa, Chamisa Upset in 2023

Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) leader, Herbert Chamuka has declared that he is ready to cause a major upset to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa by defeating them in the 2023 elections.

Chamuka, who launched his party’s manifesto in Gweru over the weekend, sad Zimbabweans are ready for change and tired of ZanuPF/MDC horse race hence his outfit is the party of choice.

”We are going to defeat them (ZanuPF and MDC) resoundingly. The support that I have been receiving from the provinces that I have visited is humbling,” he said.

“They learnt politics, they didn’t learn democracy. Bring on Mnangagwa, I will beat him with votes, I will beat him back to back. If there are free and fair elections, he will not stand against me.

He added that the only way he can be defeated is if the ZanuPF led government uses the army to intimidate voters.

“If it about sending soldiers to shoot or send them with bullets, then we will not be able to stand there, they will beat us. But when we start talking about democratic movement, free and fair elections, no violence, peaceful elections, I will beat him,” Chamuka declared.

He said when he wins the elections in 2023, no former soldier will be in government.

“Once a soldier always a soldier and should die a soldier. Soldiers are taught to kill, so they should not have any position in government or politics,” he said

This follows recent utterances by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who threatened traditional chiefs with disciplinary action should they not tow the government line.

Chiwenga chided Chief Murinye over his recent remarks denouncing corruption within the Mnangagwa led government sending fear that chiefs will be used to garner votes for the ruling party.

In his manifesto message and without mentioning how Chamuka pledged that his government will address bread and butter issues and improve the economy

“Our manifesto touched on different issues affecting the ordinary citizen among them education, health, economy and corruption. The agreement that we had is that we will resuscitate the country’s economy, we will make sure the industries are back to their best,” Chamuka said.

He further promised populist policies as he said his government will build schools that will offer free education and return the country to food sufficient status.

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