‘Chief’ Ndiweni Castigates Charumbira’s Partisan Remarks

Expelled Former Chief, Nhlanhlayamangwe Felix Ndiweni says recent remarks by national chiefs’ council president, Fortune Charumbira claiming that all traditional chiefs are the custodians of Zanu-PF, are unfortunate and erroneous.

Charumbira excitedly told Zanu-PF delegates at the party’s annual conference that traditional leaders own the party hence they deserve respect and a stake.

The remarks were, however, met with widespread condemnation as the constitution forbids all chiefs from being aligned to any political party.

Ndiweni said Charumbira lacks knowledge and understanding of the role of the traditional leaders.

“It is an error for one to think that Chief, Amakhosi are enthroned by the government of the day. That view shows a lack of knowledge and understanding, on the part of the individual who thinks that view is correct. For that individual, indeed the Almighty in his wisdom has denied that individual wisdom and knowledge,” Ndiweni said.

“The people of this country spoke very loudly in the 2013 constitution; they were very clear that they did not want chiefs and traditional leaders to be involved in partisan politics. Yes they can comment upon the government of the day, current affairs and on politics in general but they cannot get involved in partisan politics that is supporting a particular political party,” he said.

Charumbira is no stranger to politically aligning with the ruling party as in 2018, he made outrageous remarks calling on all chiefs to rally in support of Zanu-PF ahead of that year’s elections.

He was later ordered to withdraw the statement but to this day, he has not apologized.

Ndiweni said the court must take some measures against Charumbira for continuing to issue unconstitutional statements.

“It is not clear whether he (Charumbira) actually did publicly withdraw those statements till this day. He has once again made those same statements in public. In this regard, Charumbira must be taken back to the courts for contempt of court. On this occasion, the court must be asked to affect a custodial sentence upon him as a restraining order,” he said.

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