China Re-affirms Commitment To Bilateral Relations With Zimbabwe

The Chinese government has pledged support in Zimbabwe’s Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector through expanding and strengthening relationships with the Zimbabwean government.

By Elia Ntali

Addressing journalists during a courtesy call visit to the Minister of ICT, Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Ambassador Huang Ping said there is need to strengthen relations between the two countries in the ICT sector.

“We need to strengthen relations in areas such as ICT. Telecommunications is a road and if you want to be rich you have to walk that road. There is need to strengthen relations by expanding this relationship” said Ambassador Ping

Speaking at the same event Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira said technology developments are a critical to the business development of the country.

“China has dominated the whole world in terms of technology so by engaging with China, Zimbabwe can benefit a lot through creating a market of our products,” said Minister Mandiwanzira

He added “We are grateful to the Chinese government, we have received a $98 million facility for the expansion of Tel-one and recently President Mugabe met with President Xi Jinping where he made an appeal for support”

“The universal services fund receives $2 million every month and it is not enough to develop our projects. However, I grateful that we have had a fruitful discussion on areas we have discussed”

“The Chinese government and the Zimbabwean Government signed a $218 deal to develop the Net One extension project phase two project, whose implementation is now complete and the third project is now underway”