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Community Foundation Aims To Develop Mbare

Residents of Mbare are set to benefit from a community foundation that has set its sight on developing the high-density suburb.

The Ali Community Foundation is being driven by a team of diasporans who grew up in Mbare.

Some of the initiatives of the Ali Community Foundation include schools rehabilitation, provision of medication for the elderly and soccer tournaments.

“The Ali Community Foundation is driven by a team of Zimbabweans that grew up in Mbare and are passionate about the restoration of the suburb, through promoting modernized home-grown solutions that ensure the community retains its 80s glory where infrastructure was fully functional with diverse opportunities for growth and development,” read a statement from the Foundation.

Recently, the foundation launched its inaugural Heroes’ Day soccer tournament that will benefit men and women from Mbare.

“The tournament sponsorship to the tune of US$1 850 will bring together over 42 football teams from the Mbare soccer league, Women’s league and Netball League. The winners will walk away with trophies and various cash prices. The tournament knockout stages will commence on August 6, 2022 and the finals will be conducted on 12 August 2022.

The Heroes’ Soccer Tournament is one of the many projects that the Ali Community Foundation is embarking on in Mbare, which include but not limited to school infrastructure rehabilitation, library and schools Internet connectivity and community service programmes that entail provision of medication to the elderly with chronic illnesses,” read the statement.

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The Foundation noted that some of its projects which include soccer tournaments will benefit unemployed youths from the area.

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