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Harare Residents Petition EU Over Controversial Pomona Deal


Harare residents and civic society groups have resolved to petition the European Union and the Dutch embassy over the controversial Pomona waste to energy deal, urging them to take measures against what they termed ‘exploitative investments’.

The controversial deal which has been dismissed by Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume led council was initiated by Government and will see Netherlands based company Geogenix B.V constructing a state of the art waste disposal plant that will also generate electricity for the capital city.

Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) programs officer Reuben Akili said deal is exploitative and will worsen inequalities hence the move to petition the EU.

“As Residents Associations and civil society organisations, we have agreed to petition the European Union and the Netherlands Embassy on the murky deal as it has the potential to exacerbate inequalities and poverty among residents of Harare. This is an investor coming from the Netherlands which is an EU member country hence it is important to plead and implore the EU to take measures on exploitative investments by people from their member countries.

“As you are aware Africa is losing billions of dollars every year due to such murky investments, and with this Pomona Deal the City of Harare will sink into a serious debt which will be borne by residents and ratepayers. The EU has been undertaking initiatives aimed at addressing inequalities and human rights in Zimbabwe hence we call upon them to protect the residents of Harare from predatory investments by people from their member countries as this exacerbates poverty among the urban poor,” said Akili.

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The deal has received widespread condemnation from various groups saying the agreement was a looting platform by political leaders with the Government adamant that City of Harare should settle debts to Geogenix.

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