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ED Petitioned Over Police Corruption

An anonymous citizen has written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa highlighting what he says massive corruption by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) at Zengeza police station.

By Shelton Muchena

In a letter that was also copied to the Minister of Home Affairs, Police Commissioner General, Churches and Permanent secretary of Information Publicity, Nick Mangwana among others, the citizen says spent two months interrogating the dirty deals by the officers.

“I spent 2 months investigating ZRP Zengeza police station on how they conduct their duties, are they clean in terms of corruption and below are my findings. If corruption is being done in police it is difficult to fish it out only the anonymous private company can be trusted to fish it out and expose it like how am doing
At ZRP ZENGEZA there is an administration office their duties is to administer or to control the station with the assistance of the royal family those members close to the administrators, the admin is responsible for deployments, allocation of deposit of fines schedules and admission of guilty books. This office has one assistant inspector and 4 constables mostly these administration members are very connected they are untouchable I don’t know the power behind them but what I observe is that they are connected from the top offices,” claims the citizen.

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The citizen also claims that members of the police are working in cahoots with criminals harassing and raping unsuspecting citizens.

“They set a group of criminals to run an operations section which they deploy to conduct daily station operations, this group will conduct foot and mobile patrols using their station motor vehicle arresting people around the community, harassing people and raping them then threatened unspecified actions if one reports the matter.

“There is a case where one lady an albino was arrested and later on released on condition that she would accompany one of the operations team cop and bad part of it she was raped the whole night and this case was covered up and the administration office send a mobile patrol team to threaten the lady to shut up her mouth.

“There is a similar case which happened at the same station where one police by the name Mugumi attended a scene at the homestead of the complainant called Sinodia and he tried to rape her to her luck she manage to fled away with the cop‘s uniform. Upon arresting the general public those that contributes money to the administration are immune to arrest they force citizens to pay weekly bribes through public relations office and those who fail to do so they make sure they will not operate.” claimed the citizen.

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