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‘ED’s Devolution Agenda Charmed Me To Don His Famous Scarf On My Best Day, Says GZU Graduate


Emmanuel Murema, a recent Masters in Development Studies graduate from Great Zimbabwe University, who made a bold statement on his graduation day by donning President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s famous scarf has explained the reason behind his move which he said was in honor of of the government’s transformative devolution agenda.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat, Murema said his research on devolution and development in Masvingo province played a significant role in his decision to wear the symbolic scarf.

“During my research on devolution and development l realized how devolution has transformed our countryside especially in Masvingo district where l carried my research, that made me to wear a regalia which the man who signed the devolution and decentralization into policy often wear,” said Murema.

He praised the impact of devolution, attributing the construction of schools, clinics, and shelters to the policy’s success in transforming rural areas.

“The scarf to me is a sign of showing solidarity with President Mnangagwa’s commitment to change and social transformation,” said Murema, highlighting the positive strides the government has taken in re-industrialization and infrastructure development.

Addressing the criticism surrounding his choice, Murema expressed concern about the lack of tolerance in Zimbabwe and the divisive nature of political affiliations among the youth.

“l am not worried about being labeled anything of any sought because apart from the fact that what l wore was a scarf with national colors l am not ashamed to subscribe to President Mnangagwa’s policies which clearly have improved the status of most countryside populations, notwithstanding that we are a nation in progress we still have areas that require government attention,” added Murema.

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He urged for a more inclusive approach, emphasizing the importance of focusing on national interests and finding common ground for the betterment of the country.

Murema shared his optimism about the future, acknowledging the challenges faced by the government, including the impact of sanctions while calling for support towards government efforts to improve employment prospects and creating an environment conducive to local investors.

As part of his post-graduation plans, Murema revealed his intention to establish the Great Zimbabwe Development, Peace, and Conflict Management Initiative, focusing on rural development, peace-building, and community engagement.

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