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Gomwe Warned Over Mnangagwa Welcome Rally



A cross section of Zimbabwean youths have taken a swipe at ZanuPF Youth League Chairperson , Godwin Gomwe for organizing a solidarity rally for President Emmerson Mnangagwa , upon his arrival from a world tour , which include the World Economic Forum, held  in Switzerland last week.

This comes after a statement that circulated  on social media by Gomwe urging people to go to the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport to welcome President Emmerson Mnangagwa  when he arrives from Davos where he was attending the World Economic Forum.

Mnangagwa charmed the international community by continuously reiterating that Zimbabwe is now open for business after the mercurial fall of former President , Robert Mugabe in November last year.

Mnangagwa has since received applause from some quarters for the manner he urged foreign investors to come and invest in the country.

However, a cross section of youths who spoke to  263Chat said they are agitated by the conduct of Gomwe whom they accused of adopting the Chipanga methods of busing people to attend petty events while wasting time .

“Before  ED went to Davos, he  said he is a simple person who doesn’t want all these so called solidarity  rallies, so what is happening now?

“We all love our president but let’s not forget  what Mugabe’s regime did, they will be humiliated after being asked what the solidarity is all about and fail to answer like what they did about the Afri Forum march last year,”said Tapiwa Chibaya University of Zimbabwe student.

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“History is repeating itself ,corruption is a cancer as you know, some might be be benefiting out of this like Kudzai Chipanga used to .

“He would organise those events such that he  would be granted some allowances. In this new dispensation we are saying no to that, lets focus on building the economy not destroying it again,.

“We know ED  has done much as far as nourishing the face of Zimbabwe  lets give him time to implement than to start having  some unnecessary budgets . Remember there will be a need for t shirts ,caps and food . Its a lot of money which may be  channeled along meaningful things like cloud seeding  at a time we are not receiving any rains,”said Omega Chindori ,a Sunningdale resident.

Some called for accountability with the ZANU PF youth league committee members .

“l need to know if those so called youth league are all registered,because they might be wasting government’s resources and time while they are not even registered and remember the registration process is in the final stage ,instead of mobilizing youth to go out in numbers why wasting time mobilizing for the solidarity.

“l think there is now need for educated youth leaders who have what it takes to become a leader rather than using their parents’ influences in politics and l am talking of the so called children of war veterans they need to go to school ZANU PF is not a business organisation but a party,”said Tapiwa Chingwaru.

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During the Mugabe era, solidarity rallies and marches had become the order of the day.

At one time, the ZanuPF youth league organised a solidarity march for former first lady, Grace Mugabe, after she had been accused of bashing South African model, Gabriel Engels, with an electric cable.

Several welcome rallies were held at the RGM International airport to welcome Mugabe who would have gone on international visit, some of them medical check ups.

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