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Govt Succumbs To Pressure On Exam Fees

Government has shelved the new examination fees gazetted by the Zimbabwe Examination Council following wide outcry from education stakeholders.

ZIMSEC gazetted O-Level exam fees at $190 per subject from $15 while A-Level exam fees have been set at $351  per subject from $26. A-Level candidates will pay $324 extra for Communication Skills while foreign candidates will pay $717 per subject.

In a press statement released today, primary and secondary education minister, Cain Mathema said government had decided to withdraw the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) sec circular to allow further consultations.

“While the examination fees that were published are based on the actual cost of each examination, The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education would like to inform parents and guardians that following further representations, the  recent released circular on the 2020 examination fees has been cancelled with immediate effect,”

The Minister said that new fees will be announced after further consultations have been made, advising parents and guardians to continue paying the old fees approved in 2015.

This decision comes after education stakeholders including Junior Parliament and other pressure groups petitioned government against the new examination fees.

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