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Cain Mathema Re-Assigned

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed Evelyn Ndlovu as the new Minister of Primary and Secondary Education with effect from September 30. She replaces 74 year old Cain Mathema who is believed to be unwell since mid-August and has not…

Government Re-affirms Schools Opening Dates

Government has reaffirmed its position that schools will re-open on July 28 under the phased approach and warned private school and independent colleges that they risk de-registration should they defy the directive. There had been…

Govt Succumbs To Pressure On Exam Fees

Government has shelved the new examination fees gazetted by the Zimbabwe Examination Council following wide outcry from education stakeholders. ZIMSEC gazetted O-Level exam fees at $190 per subject from $15 while A-Level exam fees have…
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