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I Am The Best Engineer In Zimbabwe: Chingoma

By Talent Kasu

Local engineer and presidential hopeful Daniel Chingoma has sensationally claimed that he is the best engineer in the country.

In an interview with this publication yesterday, Mr Chingoma who is famous for inventing a helicopter that never took off ground said that he has so far proven beyond doubt that he is the foremost inventor in Zimbabwe.

“There is nothing special about inventing a helicopter. There is nothing really special about making a rocket, it’s all about mind set. In a conducive environment I can do wonders.

“All those engineers you hear about all over the world had the correct mind set and the enabling environment that’s why they did great things. I am the best inventor in Zimbabwe and I am a motivation to the new generation,” said Chingoma.

Chingoma’s claims seem to suggest that given all the financial support he needs, he could easily become Zimbabwe’s version of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

His structure at Mbudzi roundabout was razed down together with other structures in the ongoing exercise that is targeting illegal structures.

In response, Chingoma says he will come up with better programs to empower informal traders than destroy their sources of livelihood, if voted to become president in 2023.

“My government will ensure that informal traders are given the necessary support to sustain their families. The economic challenges in Zimbabwe do not need foreign investors. Indigenous people can make our economy better.”

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The Zimbabwe Industrial and Technological Reform (ZITER) president is on the verge of launching an air-powered water pump. He said he is only waiting for the suitable casing from a local company before launching the ground-breaking water pump.


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