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Irvine’s Fetes School Children On World Egg Day

Leading poultry producer, Irvine’s Zimbabwe today donated 6000 eggs to Derbyshire Primary school in Waterfalls in commemoration of World Egg Day celebrated globally on the second Friday of October every year.

This year’s edition marks the 25th anniversary since the day was established in Vienna, Austria, in 1996, when stakeholders decided to celebrate the power of the egg.

Eggs are highly nutritious and have a vast range of unique benefits it brings to people of all ages.

“Our vision is to put an egg at every table of each of the 2.6 million households in Zimbabwe,”said Anele Zunga, Irvine’s Commercial Director.

“Unfortunately, many families can go for long periods without tasting eggs. Our vision as a business is to ensure all 2.6 million households in the country get eggs.”

This year’s global theme is “EAT YOUR EGG TODAY AND EVERY DAY.”

Eggs are popular for their vast health benefits. They contain 13 essential nutrients, including choline, which supports foetal brain development; vitamin B12 and iron for child growth and overall brain function; and iodine, which aids the healthy functioning of the nervous system and maintains healthy skin.

This unique range of qualities means that eggs are an ideal choice for all different kinds of lifestyle as well as age, from athletes to academics

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“In the past years, we have celebrated this special day with children’s care centres, old people’s homes and other needy members of the society, but this year, because of the pandemic, we saw it fit not go far from home,”

“As the adage goes, charity begins at home. To mark the 25th anniversary of World Egg Day, we are giving away more than 6000 eggs to children and staff members at Derbyshire Primary school. Eggs are an essential nutrient provider for children,” said Zunga.

Irvine’s is the country’s biggest producer of poultry and a wide range of poultry products.

On a weekly basis, the company produces over 4,8 million eggs distributed locally and for the export market as well.

“The donation of 6000 eggs to Derbyshire Primary School is not only a sign that Irvine`s is in support of nutritional value in particular to the children and their families. We are also delighted to have organisations remember the need to have a healthy child in class so as to make sure they concentrate on their education” said Henry Mutisi, Education Inspector for Highglen District.

Last year, Irvine’s commemorated this day with a donation of 3000 eggs and 100kgs of frozen chicken to Kudakwashe Children’s home located to the South West of Chitungwiza, in the middle of Southlea Park in Harare.

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