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Mberengwa Businessman Funding local developments

Mberengwa South Constituency villagers received a shot in the arm after a local businessman began construction and refurbishment of local health centres damaged during the rainy season.

By Caroline Gumbo

In an interview with 263Chat, businessman Samson Ncube said his intervention was out of a realization that his community members were struggling to access medical attention.

“I was born and bred in Mberengwa, back then we used to travel long distances to get medication, so l am trying to cover the gap by ploughing back to my community,” said Ncube.

Villagers in Mberengwa’s Guvamatangu village said they travel over 20 kilometres to Chegato and Muketi clinics to get medical attention.

“We are really thankful to the assistance which we are getting from Ncube, when the clinics are finished we will be getting medication close to our homes”, said Cornelius Moyo a villager from Machingwe village.

Ncube is also running a number of community projects including drilling of boreholes, refurbishment of school blocks and rehabilitating water sources which are helping villagers.

He is also constructing a local dip-tank which will assist more than four villages and servicing a cattle population of more than 1700 cattle.

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