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MDC Demo To Go Ahead Amid Resurfacing Targeted Abductions

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) will go ahead with its planned demonstration slated for this Friday in the face of social media hoax messages calling it off and targeted victimization of its members, party spokesperson Daniel Molokele has said.

Speaking to press this afternoon, Molokele was skeptical of the ruling party, ZANU PF and the state apparatus in the spreading of fake social media texts implying the demonstration has been cancelled.

‘As the MDC we want to let the people to know that these are lies, to say that on Friday there won’t be any demonstration. On Friday the 16th of August we are proceeding with our march, so we urge Zimbabwean to come in their large numbers,” said Molokele.

He said the demonstrations on Friday will be a harbinger for many to follow that will be carried out nationwide.

On Monday next week, the demonstrations will move to Bulawayo before proceeding to Gweru on Tuesday.

They will then proceed to Masvingo next week Wednesday before closing the week in Mutare on Thursday.

“We don’t even know when we will stop doing these demonstrations because we shall continue one after the other,” added Molokele.

However, he said the party was concerned with the resurgence of targeted abductions of its members during the just ended holiday.

Several opposition members and political activists are said to have been abducted and tortured before being left dumped at various sites in the city.

“It appears as if there are some who are intimidated by our demonstration and we suspect they are working together with ZANU PF and the CIO in intimidating the masses because they have realized that people of Harare are geared up for Friday, so they are following people into their homes to deter them from taking part in this demonstration so we suspect its ZANU PF and its friends,” said Molokele.

MDC Mufakose youth district chair, Blessing Kanotunga, who was at pains narrating his ordeal is one case in point.

He said his house was broken into by unknown assailants who demanded to be furnished with the opposition party’s intentions.

“Five men came to my house armed with guns while we were asleep and awoke my wife. They asked me to identify myself and I complied. They said since you are the MDC Youth District Chairperson, you are growing big headed in mobilizing mass action, What are you benefitting from Chamisa. They dragged me to a car which had no number plates. They blind folded me and started beating me saying they were taking me to Marimba Police Station.  But while they beat me, they kept asking me what Chamisa’s strategy was as district chairpersons we must have been told what his intentions are,” said Kanotunga.

There are widespread fears the upcoming mass protests might be a replica of the January violent shutdown were military intervention  left a trail of human rights violations.

The MDC demonstration is against the deteriorating economic situation in the country characterized by power outages, fuel shortages, inflation and high levels of unemployment among notable challenges.

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