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Mnangagwa Will Fail Just Like Mugabe: Mangoma

Coalition of Democrats (CODE) president, Elton Mangoma believes the newly appointed President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa will continue on his predecessor Robert Mugabe’s dismal economic and political trajectory as the two are cut from the same cloth.

By Leopold Munhende

Mangoma was commenting on Mnangagwa’s cabinet appointment which he said was identical with Mugabe’s culture of rewarding his backers and disregarding the constitution by appointing the military into cabinet.

“The cabinet shows a true ZANU PF mentality of not caring, he has not listened to what people have said and certainly they have not listened to what people are saying.

“Their attitude and mind-set is the same as the former president (Mugabe) and president Mnangagwa must have learnt very well from president Mugabe in that you just do what will keep power there is nothing about servant leadership,” said Mangoma.

Mangoma said that Mnangagwa’s decision to appoint Military personnel into cabinet was worrying considering that none of them were being addressed as former military members.

“CODE would like to see a professional army that will jot meddle in the political spheres of the country.

“It could now be a showcase that our military is running affairs of the country,” he added.

Mangoma said that the fact that Mnangagwa chose to retain Patrick Chinamasa who he described as the architect of Zimbabwe’s current financial turmoil and Obert Mpofu who he described as one of the most corrupt public officers in Zimbabwe shows that he (Mnangagwa) is a proper disciple of Mugabeism who has no idea what the Zimbabwean economy needs.

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“This is in response to the extremely disappointing cabinet line-up president Mnangagwa announced in the night. He is even scared to do it in the light of day.

Ä good number of these ministers are dead wood they will not deliver anything, they have not delivered anything and will not show any spark,” said Mangoma.

President Mnangagwa last week named a 22 member cabinet which included Major General Sibusiso Moyo as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Air Marshall Perrence Shiri as Agriculture Minister.

Before Mnangagwa’s cabinet announcement, speculation was rife that he was going to include opposition members into a transitional arrangement, however the new President’s key ally, Christopher Mutsvangwa who had been appointed Information minister appeared in a local publication saying MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai had put forward demands which could not be met by Mnangagwa.

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