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Mupotaringa Releases Non-Fiction Book On Creativity

Michael Mupotaringa has released a practical non-fiction book on creativity titled “Chapter Zero: Create Your Creative Genius”.

The book covers core principles on creating a system of creativity and building it into ones day to day life. The title Chapter Zero comes from the idea that, no matter how many ideas will be given by the book, It can only scratch the surface as there are always many ways to attack the subject besides those suggested in the book.

The book does not confine creativity to the arts only but views creativity as a component of every field that evolves and advances. Mupotaringa is a creative artist himself in the field of 2D Animation, Hip-hop, visual illustration, comic strips and blogging.

“I felt that I needed to condense my personal creative processes into a small book,
mainly because I have hordes of young people coming frequently into my inbox asking me how creativity works.

“Some of the chapters in the book are based on advice I was giving my protégé, whom the book was created for.”
The book also features opinions from various personalities in different fields including Tadiwa Chimbodza (Maison De Rouge), Carl Joshua Ncube (Polymath), Nobuhle Nyoni (blogger/ entrepreneur), Monalisa Chishato (podcaster/ blogger/ poet), Tanyaradzwa Masaire (Poet/ Photographer), Rayo Beats and Maynard Manyowa.

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It is more a minimalistic cheat code for harnessing creative prowess.

“The greatest take home from Chapter Zero is how it’s not a motivational book but a technical book filled with fact based techniques and principles which are guaranteed to yield results when applied,” said Tanya Masaire

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