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We Are Music Ambassadors: Sunshine Family Studios


Sunshine Studios, one of the leading record label and music production stables in Zimbabwe has seen its ups and downs. Founded by four young men namely Shelton Masiwa (Shelthang), Rodney Sibanda, Tinashe Mahechani (Tynash) and Samuel Saungweme (Boss Werras), the music stable recently re-branded to Sunshine Family Studios.

To get an insight on what has been happening at Sunshine Family studios, our 263Chat reporter, Munashe Chokodza [MC] visited the Dzivarasekwa based stable for a one on one with Sheltang [SM]. Below are the excepts from his interview.

MC: After parting ways with Freeman you were no longer strong in the game. What is really going on?

SM: After our problems with Freeman, we chose to take our things down and have a new starting point which saw us coming from Sunshine studios to Sunshine Family studios.

We were building a new brand and a new brand is not built overnight, it takes consistency and focus.

MC: You came back with a bang with Pamamonya ipapo, Zvinhu among other hit songs. How did you manage that?

SM: Munashe, we are music ambassadors, we don’t work with pressure because we have been there.

We have experience, we know how to produce a hit song, remember we came with Sunshine riddim popularized by Silent Killer and other Zimdancehall artists, people are still enjoying it to this day.

MC: So where to after all this work, any projects coming soon?

SM: Yes we are back and we are working with Soul Jah love on his album.

We have produced some of the songs on Freeman’s album ‘Top Striker’.

We are here to stay, we know this game, artists knows that we can do things that no-one can do.

 MC: Besides music, what else are you doing these days?

SM: We live music and music is our life, we don’t live another life.

Because of economic hardships we have been working in partnership with Urban Africa, an advertising agency.

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