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Roadblocks Will Disappear In My First Week of Office: Mujuru


National People’s Party (NPP) leader, Joice Mujuru has promised to rid the country of roadblocks in her first week of office saying their continued presence is a major hindrance to Zimbabwe’s economic development.

In an interview with 263Chat at her Chisipite residence on Tuesday, Mujuru said the Mugabe administration is shy of correcting its mistakes (removing roadblocks) because they manufactured them.

.“As an opposition leader I will do things that Zanu PF is shy of introducing, I do not have to re-invent the wheel, I know where to start, touch, I know the low hanging fruits

“If I get into office, do you think I will leave all those roadblocks defacing our country causing motorists to be in agony?

“There are a lot of things I will abolish within a week and you will see it changing,” said Mujuru.

She accused her former boss of promoting lawlessness just to secure his continued grip on power.

“Mugabe is doing everything, breaking every law and rule, he is even allocating urban land that is not supposed to be allocated,” added Mujuru.

Commenting on the cash crisis, the former vice President said she warned the country about it before and people turned a deaf hear on her,

“I warned the nation, took government to court and people thought I was mad, nobody came to my help,

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“When you introduce bad money, it chases away good money, and this is what I warned people about, bond notes will not change into United States dollars, unfortunate thing is the bond is not available at the banks too,” Mujuru said.

She urged the youths to register and vote to change their desperate situation.

“Youth can only liberate themselves, they must come out in their numbers to register, inspect the voter’s roll and vote on the day for a change,” noted Mujuru.

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