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National Tourism Master Plan Out in Three Days: Mupfumira

Newly appointed Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Prisca Mupfumira has hinted that plans are at an advanced stage for the unveiling of the National Tourism Master Plan which is expected to guide the development of the tourism sector for the next 20 years while seeking to establish Zimbabwe as a destination of choice.

In an Interview with 263Chat at the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) annual congress held in Nyanga today(Thursday), Mupfumira said they need about three days to have a way forward for the Tourism sector.

“Just give about three days and l will have it around Tuesday, l will have a way forward after some briefings from different stakeholders.

“It is my hope that the hospitality sector and other stakeholders will delight in the implementation of this plan that will work as a guide in product development and diversification, infrastructural and manpower development, community participation and preservation of nature, culture and heritage.

“Let me reiterate that the document itself is far from being counted as an achievement.

“Beyond its development there is need for collaborative efforts from all government departments and the private sector in order to ensure implementation of the Tourism Master Plan,” said Mupfumira.

She added that pricing of tourism services must be reviewed since Zimbabwe is considered as the most expensive destination in the world.

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“Zimbabwe remains one of the world’s most expensive tourism destinations and the question remains to say that are we not prejudicing ourselves?.

“We need  to do something to review our prices if we are to expunge a bad name as the world’s most expensive tourist destinations.

“There is need for an urgent all stakeholders workshop to deliberate and interrogate costs structures on all pricing issues in Tourism industry,” added Mupfumira.

The former public service minister added that her ministry is still pursuing their vision of a $5 billion tourism economy by 2020.

“My ministry is still pursuing their vision of a $5 billion tourism economy by 2020, with agriculture and manufacturing sector still struggle the future of the country’s economy is set to be backed by an emerging tourism sector.

“According to UNWTO, Zimbabwe is ranked 19th out of 134 on the natural attractiveness index and for a country endowed with vast natural resources and plethora of natural attractions, our vision of a $5 billion economy is possible.

“Our neighbors, South Africa has already achieved that they currently sit on a $12 billion tourism economy compared to our current $1 billion,” she said.

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